Psy Defence – The Path to Divine Reconnection represents a series of information pertaining to the field of Cosmogenesis and Spiritual Hierarchies, and a series of procedures and working methods for meditation and psychoenergetic protection, meant to help and guide those interested in the field of spirituality and those who seek to understand our purpose as human race, in the frame of Creation of the INFINITE CREATOR.

There is in the field of spirituality a plethora of information which is inaccurate, incomplete, badly understood, false, deformed, having inversed meaning and polarity, or some are being made up with the precise purpose of manipulating, others are being released on the market by various groups for gaining some direct benefits. The motivations are various, we could write a book on this sole subject and we would still not be able to clarify all the inaccuracies which “intoxicate” the spirits incarnated on Earth.

The Ancient Mystery Schools have preserved up until today clean, accurate and valuable information, but this knowledge was kept far away from the eyes of the noninitiated, for various reasons, some of them being objective. Unfortunately, even some of these schools, over the time, have fallen into the sin of altering the inherited wisdom, so that, we are now, at the crossroads of the Quantum Leap, with our palms empty and with our heads packed with glaring errors. Thus, I warn anyone willing to walk on the difficult path of true Spirituality, to get high safety measures and to be watchful of digesting information readily mixed and prepared, those he or she comes in contact with. Including that what is presented in this book, you are asked to research  personally, and the result of your procedure will be correct, according to your level in Spirit and the allowed degree of access to knowledge, for each individual. Let us not forget, the higher vibrational frequencies can access Creation manifested at lower levels, but the opposite is not applicable. And even so, each vibrational level has the truth, the purpose and its unique way of participating in the overall evolution of the Spirit.

In the following chapters we will explore together The Creation, The Heavens, The Universe, The Angels, The Archangels, The Gods from ancient times, The Extraterrestrials, The Universal Laws and we will speak about meditation methods and techniques, and psychoenergetic protection. All these subjects that we will study thoroughly, as deeply as we will be allowed, lead towards one final result, and namely, the evolution of the spirit, knowledge, in its purest meaning.

One particular subject I especially wish to emphasize is PSY Defence and spiritual evolution in Light. It is a controversial subject, due to a lack of information and because of the manipulations practiced on a large scale, manipulations, which, in itself, are a form of Psy aggression, from which you should learn to protect yourselves from. We hope that the information and the PSY protection methods that we will present in this book you will find to be useful and that it will reach exactly the place and whom it is meant to be.

For this, I am letting you know the fact that I imprinted this book in order to reach exactly the hands and the eyes of the ones who are allowed by Divinity. If the contrary is true, most probably is that you will not perceive the read information, or it is possible that you will experience states of  nervousness and/or panic. This would be a sign for you to interrupt reading  the book, until the moment you are granted the access to this information. God help us! https://www.evolutiespirituala.ro/produs/carte-tiparita-amazon-the-path-to-divine-reconnection-psy-defence/?feed_id=29582&_unique_id=641de46fd50ee